Internacionalizar nuestro mármol crema marfil
13 diciembre, 2016
Growth in Spanish investment in the construction sector
17 enero, 2017
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Internationalize our crema marfil marble


The extraction and processing of natural stone, and in particular crema marfil marble suffered a blow due to the housing bubble. Of the 3,202 million euros that the sector as a whole invoiced in 2007, has risen to 1,742 in 2015, which has been the end of many companies. For this reason, we have opted for internationalization as an escape route.

Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to internationalize the natural stone sector in Spain, since most of companies are small, which find it difficult to carry out international fairs and other expenses.

For our part, we are doing an important job of selecting international fairs for next year 2017, for which we will have, as a star product, our crema marfil marble in different finishes such as; Polished, aged and / or honed.

In addition we are betting on the large measures, in terms of pavement as well as the minimum thickness of 1.5 cms, in order to offer considerable savings in transportation and handling at the time of placement.


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