The pace of construction of new US homes rose 2.1% in July to stand at an annual rate of 1.21 million units, a figure that is 5.6% higher than the same month of 2015, the Commerce Department reported.

The annual rate in July was the highest level of the past six months and above expectations of analysts, pointing to a figure of around 1.18 million units compared to 1.19 million in June.

Last month new construction of single-family homes advanced 0.5% to an annual rate of 770,000 units, according to the report.

But the biggest increase was recorded in the construction of multifamily housing (apartment buildings with five or more), which rose 8.3% to an annual rate of 433,000 units, in which crema marfil marble has been one of the materials used.

Permits for new works just transacted last month increased by 0.1% and stood at an annual rate of 1.15 million, below expectations.

However, the number of permits for new construction in July was 0.9% higher than the figure a year earlier.

Despite the revival of the market, building houses not just completely off after the recession that began in 2008.

Despite low interests involved, families are still struggling to buy homes, mostly due to rising house prices, which seems to have anticipated recovery.

Finally, crema marfil marble exports to USA, has increased considerable, due to mentioned construction growth.