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Blue Bateig Stone


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Blue Bateig Stone

Bateig Azul stone, biocalcarenic sandstone extracted from the Alicante quarries, blue/gray in color, uniform and fine-grained. So unique and exclusive thanks to its bluish tone. It is one of the Blue Stones with the best value for money that you can find in the entire market.

This magnificent stone has many applications, both in exterior and interior architecture. It is often used in shopping centers or other prestigious businesses, giving floors or shop windows a unique look. Outdoors they combine very well both in natural landscapes and in the most modern areas.

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Formats and Finishes Blue Bateig Stone

The commercialization of Bateig Azul stone is offered in blocks, slabs and slabs, made to measure in their various thicknesses and sizes. It also allows all kinds of finishes such as polished, honed, bush hammered, rough or aged.

But apart from the formats in standard slab dimensions, such as 40X40X2, 60X30X1 or 60X30X2, we also make all kinds of tile sizes, for example 30x30x2 or 60x60x2 and small pieces in all finishes.

At the same time, there is the possibility of buying cut-to-size pieces that find a perfect use in all kinds of decorative elements, such as railings or stairs.

Great Variety of Finishes

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Appearance that mimics the passage of time. With a rough and dull touch.

Brushed Bush hammered

Rough with the possibility of making it more or less bright. Anti-slip.


Rough and uniform touch. Provides an anti-slip property.

Brushed Sandblasted

It reflects the passage of time like no other method and gives a non-slip quality.


The surface is worked to give a matte finish.


A lighter roughness than other methods and non-slip.


More rustic appearance designed for outdoors.


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Ahmed Regagba
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