Crema Marfil marble 

Crema Marfil marble can be presented in different formats such as: blocks, slabs and tiles in several thicknesses and sizes. It allows all types of finishes like polished, honed, bush hammered, aged.

As regards with crema marfil standard formats, the production is focused on 60×60, 60×40, 60×30, 40×40, 40×30, 30x30cms, but  we are able to produce all kinds of large and small measures. We emphasize the larger pavement such as; 140×140, 120×120, 120×60, 100×100, 80×80, 90×90 made in all finishes and thicknesses 1,5cms, 2cms and 3cms.

We have successfully developed our crema marfil material with different thicknesses such as 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm applicable to both small as larger measures. All this, in order to carry out the needs of our customers, such as reducing the weight of the final product, easy placement in work and reduction in transportation costs.

Furthermore, there are a wide range of handcraft works that can be developed with crema marfil marble, such as, stairs, countertops, worktops and so on.