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13 diciembre, 2016
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Empresas americanas del sector de la piedra esperan un aumento de sus ingresos en un 17% en 2017
6 marzo, 2017
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Growth in Spanish investment in the construction sector


The Institute for Economic Studies (IEE) believes that investment in the construction sector in Spain will grow 2.5% this year 2017, so we can think of an increase of pace of 2.3 € compared to the past year.

In any case, according to the IEE in its latest report ‘Economic Outlook’, the evolution of investment in construction will be practically half in 2017 two years ago, since in 2015 the increase was 4.9%.

Thus, from the Institute of Economic Studies note that in the activity of construction in Spain there is a “disagreement” between the negative results of indicators such as consumption of cement, natural stone, etc., the confidence index or sales Of large companies in the sector, compared to the positive evolution of employment.

In addition, the IEE underlined that visas for new work, a leading indicator of activity in housing, continue to increase, while the official tender, a leading indicator of public works, has begun a “very slight improvement” after a year and a half of falls.

With all this, we can determine that our marbles and in particular the crema marfil marble, may suffer an increase of consumption by the constructors.


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